VEHICLE REGISTRATION - Contact us for forms

We go the extra mile…so you don’t have to!

If you're contacting us today to insure your new car, motorcycle, truck, SUV, utility van, or other motor vehicle, this is the perfect opportunity to allow us to register your vehicle for you! Enjoy the comfort of dealing with people you know who have your best interests at heart. Get the convenience of avoiding long lines at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and save time securing your insurance and vehicle registration all in one location. Save your gas and get it all done at Charlotte Ray Insurance.

Licenses & Auto Titles (within our location):

All the services you need…with the personal attention you deserve!

At our location, we provide everything you need to drive your vehicle legally…and that includes registering your vehicle. We can provide licensed & bonded service as an Authorized Public Tag Agent for the State of Louisiana, enabling us to handle your title work, register your vehicle and so much more, making it quick and easy to get everything you need to drive legally…including automobile insurance at competitive rates!

We become the Office of Motor Vehicles for you…without the wait.

We can arrange to pick up your local Dealer or Lender tag work and return all processed paperwork to you quickly and efficiently. We make the entire process as quick and convenient as possible.

Notary on Premise - Buyers and sellers are welcome!

If you’re buying or selling a vehicle, you don’t have to search all over town for a notary. Simply come to our office. Buyers and sellers can come to our office together and have all documents signed and notarized on premises. Show proof of insurance and we’ll even provide a license plate to the buyer for their newly purchased vehicle. For additional information, please contact us.