Charlotte Ray Insurance:
Homeowner's, Auto & Commercial Insurance in Alexandria and surrounding areas!

Established 1983

Since we began over 30 years ago, Charlotte Ray Insurance has focused on doing one thing and doing it well: matching you with the best insurance coverage for your needs. Whether you’re getting car insurance for your new teenage driver, homeowner’s insurance for your first home or professional or personal liability insurance, we’ve got you covered!

Your insurance needs are as diverse and as special as you are. College students, start-up businesses, parents protecting your children, and bosses managing your workers, everyone has unique insurance needs that take experienced handling to give you the best coverage at the best rates. At Charlotte Ray Insurance, longevity makes all the difference. That’s good for you, and good for the community. Click Here to contact us.

Life changes all the time.

Shouldn’t your insurance change with you?

At Charlotte Ray Insurance, we reevaluate all policies every 6 months to make sure your insurance fits your way of life. If you’ve added a car, changed jobs, or have a new addition on your property, we’ll adjust your coverage accordingly. And, if the insurance company ever raises your rates, then we look elsewhere until we find you the best policy at the best price.

Being proactive isn’t simply a standard we set, it’s the service we live and breathe every day. We treat you like you are our special guest for dinner - we don’t sit back idly and wait for something good to happen! We anticipate your needs and your interests, and we work ahead to cover all the details for you.

Charlotte Ray Insurance: Our family serving yours.

Coverage options include:

  • Home
  • Auto
  • Commercial
  • Multi-policy discounts
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